Siegfried Herz (1986) studied at the Secondary School of Applied Arts in Pilsen and has been exhibiting since 2015. His works were first presented at the Center for Contemporary Art DOX in connection with the phenomenon of life in isolation hikikomori, then solo there in 2021 at the exhibition About Love and in the group installations Vanitas (2020) and Promising Prospects (2021). In 2022, he participated in a presentation at GASK – Alone in the Crowd: Charles Baudelaire and Czech Art and at West Point (Galerie Klatovy / Klenová, Klatovy), exhibited at the Bold Gallery in Prague. An artist from Pilsen, whose expression is not limited to visual arts, but also to composing classical music, writing poems or preparing a book about Richard Wagner. This painter of the spirit of coffee, as he is sometimes nicknamed, for the artistic form of his portraits of well-known and unknown persons of the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, randomly chooses ink watercolors, which he washes out with bronze, even golden shades of the drink, which he once accidentally spilled into his paintings in the open air.


Ležící akt / Lying Nude

káva, tuš, akryl, tuš, plátno
100 × 70 cm

Bodlák / Thistle

káva, tuš, akryl na papíře
100 × 70 cm


káva, tuš, akryl na papíře
86 × 61 cm

Kytice / Bouquet

káva, tuš, akryl na papíře
59 × 41 cm

Rozhovor / Conversation

pastel na papíře
21 × 24 cm

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