Open to everyone

We believe that accessibility and the dissemination of the arts is our right and privilege, and we make it possible for everyone to do so regardless of social or health disparities as part of our free admission policy. Online accessibility is another way to provide at least basic information in the event of geographical distance or other barriers by means of virtual tours, photo documentation of exhibitions and accompanying programmes, a digital depository, curatorial texts and interviews with artists in Czech and English.

We are visited by more than 7,000 people every year, we record more than 43,000 visits to our website, and we have more than 9,000 followers on social media. Thank you for helping to make this possible.

Caring for the arts, emerging talent and continuity

We bring to society a diverse selection of a predominantly Czech art scene that greatly enriches the cultural level and sets benchmark standards. Our care begins with the cultivation of a responsible relationship with artists and handles their work with great care for its historical significance and collectability. We select lesser-known names of young artists for our programme and boost their visibility, and we also look after established artists who need to be seen and heard. Your support encourages artistic development and helps us to maintain continuity in our work and to nurture long-term relationships and an environment built on trust and respect.

Supporting creativity and education

Our supporting programme includes guided tours and children’s workshops, discussions and lectures, and work with vocational and general school students. In order to provide a long-term and visible imprint of our joint work with artists and curators, we produce regular bilingual publications for research purposes. Your support enables us to continue and further develop these activities.