Gesture and authentic statement is an essential quantity for Oksana Sadovenko, who studies at the Department of Painting (Studio 3EAM, led by Rostislav Sedlačík) at VŠVU in Bratislava. The author starts from a basic black background, on which she paints distinctive conceptual paintings. It is based on the symbolism, personal and cultural history of one's own roots, when, on top of all that, the painting is supplemented with texts that underline the meaning and essence of the painting's message itself. For the author, the painting is a synthesis of authentic collective history and contemporary language. Echoes of ancient myths and Russian constructivism appear in the intermingling of the profile of a person and a bird, as a hint of an effort to leave everything around, to penetrate into a world opposite to the one in which we live.

2022–nyní Department of Painting, Studio 3 EAM (leaded by R. Sedlačík), VŠVU, Bratislava, SK
2006–2012 National Academy of Visual Arts and Architecture, Kyjev, UA

Solo Shows:
2024 Holubí spánek, Galerie města Blanska, SK
2024 Krysy s křídly, Fuga, Bratislava, SK
2023 Antropologia Holubov, T3 kultúrny prostriedok, Bratislava, SK
2023 Kyjivska siva, A-4 Space for Contemporary Culture, Bratislava, SK

Group shows:
2023 Piatok Trinásteho, Rare Cultural Space, Bratislava, SK
2023 Rozptyl, Karpatská 24, Bratislava, SK
2023 44. maliarske sympozium Moravany nad Váhom, SK
2023 Oksana Sadovenko, Kasha Potrohosh, Taia Kolesnyk, White and Weiss Gallery, Bratislava, SK
2023 Ako v sne, Artrooms Moravany, Moravany nad Váhom, SK
2022 skupinová výstava Ateliéru 3AEM, Nová Vlna, Trenčín, SK


Linie růstu peří / Feather Growth Line

akryl, papír
170 x 150 cm

Feather 2

akryl, papír
170 х 150 cm

Feather 1

akryl, papír
200 x 150 cm

Comparison of human and bird brain

akryl, papír
200 х 90 cm


akryl, papír
170 х 150 cm

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