Josef Bolf (*1971) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in the studios of Jiří Načeradský, Vladimír Kokolia and Vladimír Skrepl. Among his most frequently used techniques are painting, drawing, American retouching and typically childish scratched ink, applied on a layer of colored waxes. In his works, Josef Bolf is based on his childhood, which he spent in the 1980s on a housing estate in the Southern Town of Prague. His paintings are dominated by strange creatures from a melancholic world, reminiscent of characters from children's comics, but experiencing depression or anxiety. The subjects of the works work with the inner world, in which an intense personal message blends with the image of the time. He was a member of the artistic group Headless Rider. He exhibited at Trafo Gallery in Budapest, Ana Cristea Gallery in New York and Aracute Arte Contemporaneo in Beijing.


Odvrácený pohled / Averted Gaze

kombinovaná technika na plátně
28 x 36 cm

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