In her work, Adriana Sarnová is mainly inspired by the situations, people and things that surround her. She processes everyday stimuli using visual painting. She often uses traditional painting genres, such as portrait or still life, for his own message. The works, which we would clearly classify in terms of genre in the field of portrait or likeness, show a special aura acting centrifugally from the specific depicted face (and its self-representation) towards the generalization of the inner experiential situation. It can also often be a matter of self-projection of one's own projections or moods into the portraits. One could say that it is about masking one's identity through other models and faces. Sometimes she works with conscious confusion. She humanizes the still life into a "portrait" and personifies the portrait into a dead "still life". Adriana Sarnová graduated from the Secondary School of Art and Design in Brno in 2009-2013 and from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in 2013-2019 (Kresby Studio, Jiří Petrbok School). She has been exhibiting regularly since 2014. She mainly focuses on the topic of female identity in the changes of time.


Torzo / Torso

akryl na plátně
95 x 100 cm

Mobil / Mobile

akryl na plátně
110 x 70 cm


akryl na plátně
70 x 45 cm


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