Silvia Krivošíková: Monograph

400 Kč

Monograph documenting the work of Slovak painter Silvia Krivošíková.

The work of Silvia Krivošíková is quite varied. It includes drawings, paintings, collages, assemblages, spatial objects and installations. Although in his work he places a fundamental emphasis on the medium of painting, the symbolic connection between individual works is the relationship between surface and space. Her works are thematically related to space, forms, shapes, but also to work with color, they are strongly connected by the theme, often with a personal character. Silvia Krivošíková's paintings cannot be characterized as purely figurative or abstract, each of her works goes through this polarity, drawing on both figurative painting and abstract forms. As an independent, individual creator, she creates a unique quality in her works, freely deals with cultural references, and adds a personal, authorial, playful dimension to the forms. The author creates fresh possibilities and quality of contemporary painting. The monograph contains an accompanying text by curator and art theorist Petr Vaňous in English and Czech.

Publisher: Moncolova Editions
Code: 269069763
ISBN: 978-80-972938-4-0
Release year: 2020
Language: Slovak
Binding: solid
Number of pages: 120