Veronika Holcová’s paintings and drawings grow out of association. The automatic commencement and rhythm of the chains of associations expressed by colour, drawing or the impressions left by painting tools is suspended by the artist’s imagery. Two distinct expressive world intermingle in each work. A dynamic world made up of associations, and a static world represented by figuration. By opening up the ambiguous dimension of painterly illusion, Holcová’s painting have a subliminal effect on the viewer. The whole is transformed into a rippling menacing mass, whose subjacent dimension draws the viewer’s gaze into other hidden spaces, at times dark and terrifying. The title of the exhibition, Analysis of Purgatory, contains a reference to the painting Purgatory, a large-scale work in which the pictorial plane is transformed into a topography of transitory flight between the symbolic polarities of heaven and hell. We find ourselves in a cultural and civilisational space defined by certain ethical principles, whose axes symbolically and metaphorically define the limits of our perception. The Trafo Gallery will display the artist’s new work from 2023–24, punctuated by examples of earlier work. A catalogue will be published to accompany the exhibition.

We thank the partners of Trafo Gallery: Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Capital City of Prague, Canadian Medical,, CEZ Group, Transport Company of the City of Prague, Art District 7, Radio Color, Radio 1 and Wine4You.


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