Anna Neborová (*1968) is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (1987–1994, painting, profs. Jiří Ptáček, Jiří Sopko, and Bedřich Dlouhý), Anna Neborová creates paintings characterized by a distinctive and original approach to objectness – the deconstruction of light, the questioning of the painting’s visual planes, and the use of a dreamlike or magical reality. Each period in her painting career has been focused on a specific subject. Her current work combines sensually impressive painting with digital postproduction in order to achieve a new and convincing way of expressing her imagination. Thanks to a remarkable mastery of the oil technique, she has achieved an aquarelle lightness, brightness, and limpidity. Neborová has been exhibiting on her own since 1997 and has had a number of group and solo exhibitions at established galleries. She also enjoys producing children’s book illustrations, and the first book she illustrated, Červený panáček (The Little Red Man) won second place in the 2002 Most Beautiful Book of the Year competition.


Miska 1 / Bowl 1

olej na plátně
105 x 105 cm

V ateliéru / In the studio

olej na plátně
80 x 100 cm

Kalhotky 3 / Panties 3

olej na plátně
40 x 40 cm

Fragmenty 2 / Fragments 2

olej na plátně
135 × 170 cm


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